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The marketing community for people sick of marketing communities.

We as marketers are amazing at creating value for our clients. So... why is every group dedicated to us totally overrun with spam?

DMC is different.

DMC attracts top marketing talent because we've carefully crafted a unique culture that celebrates adding value and leading with service. We don’t sell seats at the table or gatekeep our knowledge.

We’re simply a group of passionate marketers in love with our craft and committed to giving back.

Together, we troubleshoot challenges, brainstorm strategies, and support each other in our journey to become better marketers.

This approach has fostered a vibrant community unlike any other.

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Our community team

We don’t just talk the talk: DMC staff are all full-time marketers, too.



APAC Marketing

A colorful, strategic marketer with a decade of experience thriving in digital adventures



Creative Technologist

A career software engineer-turned-marketer exploring the intersection of technology and marketing



Agency Owner

Award-winning marketer focusing on web design and lead generation services for small businesses

A note from the founder

Throughout my career, I was always on a limited team with managers who barely understood my role. I was on my own as far as building my network and skills. So, I often turned to online communities for help.

My experience was always the same… echo chambers of unanswered questions and post after post of thinly veiled ads. It frustrated me to no end. Why is it so hard to find a community for marketing professionals that doesn’t suck?

That’s why I created DMC. To be a place where anyone can ask for advice and get an honest answer from other experienced marketers without being pitched or ignored.

You don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars to connect with your peers, learn something new, or level up your career. You just need people who care.

It’s really that simple.








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